Rava Dosa – Tanglin Mall Food Court

今日のランチは、久しぶりにタングリンモールのフードコートでベジタリアンのインド料理を食べました。目的は、パキスタンご出身のお友達に教えていただいたラヴァ・ドーサ。普通のドーサと少し違っていてセモリナ粉が入っていて発酵させた生地を焼いたもので、「エクストラクリスピーにしてください」とお願いするとパリパリ、カリカリで香ばしくて美味しいのです。今日は、玉ねぎが入った Onion Masala Rava Dosa のセット。中にカレー風味のマッシュポテトが入っていて、いくつかソースがついてきて、サモサものっていました。

We went to Tanglin Mall Food Hall for lunch today and had vegetarian Indian.  The reason why we wanted to go there is to have their Rava Dosa, which is a little different from usual dosa, it has semolina and the dough is fermented.  It has crunchy texture but I ask them to make it extra crunchy – it’s crispy, crunchy and really tasty.  Today we ordered Onion Masala Rava Dosa.  Rava Dosa has some onon in the dough so it has some sweetness from onion and some mashed potato lightly seasoned with curry spice is inside.  It comes with a few sauces and a vegetable samosa.







My husband had fresh apple juice and I had fresh coconut juice.  I don’t like the one in tins but I love fresh coconut juice when it’s chilled (not at room temperature).  This one was very sweet.





It was about $16 for both of the sets, the drinks were $9 (coconut juice is expensive).  Half of what we usually spend in a cafe on Saturdays.


B2 Tanglin Mall Food Hall
Tangline Mall
163 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247933

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