House Chicken Salad


My cold seems like just a light one and I’m feeling a lot better today although my voice is still very nasal.  However, I’m not feeling normal yet, specially when I do things like cooking, and my brain seems very slow.  I cooked a pasta bake for my husband’s dinner for tomorrow before cooking tonight’s dinner and I poured much too much red wine in the ragu, which made it quite sour.  As it has some white sauce on top hopefully it won’t be too noticeable…


So, today’s dinner was House Chicken Salad.  When I say “House Salad”, I mean I just used what we have at home or I just make it up depending on what I feel like using on the day.  I was going to take a photo after mixing and plating on a plate but forgot, the photo doesn’t show much, does it?


I used 2 chicken breast (marinated in garlic, lemon juice & olive oil as I often do then cooked in the oven), Japanese kabocha (microwaved it), onion, carrot (grated long), tomato, avocado, beet (cooked one, thick slices), pickled beet, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, romain lettuce, rocket leaves.


I mixed the dressing with each ingredient in advance.  I always do this, specially to the sturdy vegetables like carrot and onion, it absorbs the dressing better and you can reduce the spiciness of the onion.  I think using kabocha was a good idea, it added the special texture and sweetness that is unusual in a salad and also made the salad more satisfying and filling.  Pickled beet also added something different, and Pumpkin seeds added a nice crunches and nuttiness.  My husband loved it and so did I.  I’m glad my husband is happy to have a salad for dinner (because I know that the majority of Japanese men wouldn’t be happy with that).





I’m going to Hoi An in Vietnam tomorrow for 4 nights, I’ll meet my sister, who is flying from Japan, at Da Nang Airport.  I feel a little nervous when I travel without my husband.  I keep telling myself not to leave passport and wallet behind and not to leave anything anywhere during the trip.


I’m not going to take my laptop but hopefully I will update my blog with my iPhone.  I will be uploading on my Instagram so if you are interested please scroll down and click the little Instagram icon on the right side on the bottom.  I tried to copy and paste the address of my Instagram page but failed.








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