Donnaloia / The First Italian Restaurant In Kobe


We were going to go to one of our favourite yakitori restaurants near Koshien with my family yesterday. However, my sister wasn’t able to get through to the restaurant even though she called them many times. Then my sister’s husband came down with a cold so we decided to cancel the family dinner. After thinking for a while, we decided to go to an old Italian restaurant “Donnalooa”.


I’ve read that Donnaloia is the oldest Italian restaurant in Kobe. When we lived in Kobe after we married there weren’t that many Italian restaurants in Kobe yet, so this is one of the restaurants we used to go to. It was destroyed by the Earthquake and a new place opened somewhere between Shinkobe and Sannomiya. In the last 20 years, after we moved to Hong Kong then to Singapore, I guess we’d been there 3 or 4 times and we’ve always been happy to see the same chef and the same lady serving.


Both the restaurant itself and the menu are old fashioned and nostalgic. The customers also look like they’d been visiting there for 20 or 30 years.


Even though we’d been there only 3 or 4 times in 29 years the service lady recognized us and called us by our name every time, which surprises us and pleased us.


We both had Minestrone for a starter. The chef once told me the secret to make it tasty and I still use that secret when I make my own Minestrone.


My husband had Lasagne for the main.


I had Spaghetti Peperoncino.


When we lived in Kobe my husband would also have the main dish (a meat dish) after a starter and a pasta. He cannot eat that much any more.


For dessert, my husband had Apple Pie and I had Maron Chocolate Cake.



I’m happy that Donnaloia is still here even though these days there are uncountable good Italian restaurants in Kobe.

We felt very nostalgic and talked a lot about our time in Kobe.

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