Sumi Toliuo Hanare / A Little Den In Kobe


There was a small Yakitori place (but it’s more like a wine bar than Yakitori) with just 8 seats along the counter that we loved and used to go to every time we were in Kobe but one day we found it had closed down. Although I checked it now and again online I didn’t see any new reviews so I was assuming it was still closed, but we found out just a couple of days ago that it had reopened in October last year so we went there for dinner yesterday.


The people working there were different and the style of the food was also a little different but we enjoyed what we had.


This was the wine we chose.


The amuse was Tofu Cream Cheese. I don’t like cream cheese but this was nice.


Charcoal grilled bamboo shoot.


Annon potato with butter.


Onion and chicken stick.


Charcoal grilled vegetables.


Charcoal grilled Camembert.


Charcoal grilled asparagus.


Vegetable Hanare salad.


Charcoal grilled rice balls.


The bill was about 11,000 yen (98 US dollars). If we had this in Singapore it would have cost us at least 3 times that.


In Japan, there are so many of these tiny great places and I’ve learned these don’t exist much outside Japan, it’s a part of very Japanese culture that we can be proud of.

炭トリウオ ハナレ

兵庫県神戸市中央区中山手通1-7-20 3天成ビル1F

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