Tomato On Toast

平日のひとりンチはたまに前日の残り物を食べることもあるけれど、大抵はサンドイッチ。食パンは日本と違ってここでは色々種類がないので、色々なお店で買って見ていますが、今は Asanoya の薄くスライスした食パンを冷凍しています。シンガポールではパンはあっという間にカビてしまうので、冷凍するしかない感じ。なのでサンドイッチと言っても、トーストした食パンで作ります。中に何か挟むこともあれば、オープンサンドの時も。早く食べないとダメになりそうなアボカドがある時はアボカドトースト。今日は、薄く切ったトマトを乗せて、お塩パラパラ、美味しいオリーブオイルをたらりたらり。1枚の方には「エジプト塩」というのを使ってみました。普通のお塩の方もエジプト塩の方も美味しかったです。

If I’m at home alone, sometimes I’ll have something left-over from the night before for lunch, but most of the time I have some sort of sandwich or toast.  I always toast my bread as I keep them in the freezer because bread gets mouldy very quickly in Singapore.  Sometimes I would put some filling between 2 slices, sometimes I would put something on the toast like open sandwich.  If there is some avocado needs eating I would make an avocado toast.  Today, I sliced tomatoes very thinly, put them on the toasts, sprinkled with some salt & delicious olive oil.  On one of them I used special salt that I bought in Japan, it has some spices and nuts.  Both the simple one and the one with special salt were very tasty.


These tomatoes are very small ones sold on the vine that come from Holland.  When you buy them at the supermarket here they always ask you at the checkout register if the price is OK with you because they are rediculously expensive and I guess people complain if they haven’t realised.  I used to buy Japanese ones but it’s not always easy to go to a Japanese supermarket and sometimes they are tasteless because the conditon of keeping them is bad.  I find these Dutch ones quite consistent and are sold in the supermarket we go to most often.  I think they taste quite “tomatoey” compared to many others.


Incidentally, after toasting these thin slices of bread, I put them standing up against each other touching only on the top part so the hot air evaporates.  If you put them on a flat surface when they are hot they becomes soggy.  I like those sandwiches I buy in Japan, the bread is fresh, soft and fluffy, but I also like crispy toasted sandwiches.  These are not sliced as thinly as English toasts, I guess about the double the thickness.


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