Handmade Cards – by my friend

日本から戻って来て初めてのカード作り(と言っても、わたしは作っていませんが)。お友達がお1人、カードを作りに来られ、素敵なカードを4枚作られました。母の日用だそうです。新しく買ってみた水彩用ペンを使って色を塗られましたが、「色塗り、楽しい〜」と楽しみながら塗られていました。スタンプもペンも Altenew のもの。

I had the first card making session today since I got back from Japan – not that I made any cards but a friend came to make cards and I just chatted while she worked on hers.  She used Altenew’s stamp and watercolour pens to colour them, she was enjoying herself painting!  She made 4 lovely cards, one of them is for her mother for Mother’s Day (which is in May in Japan).  The stamp and the watercolour pens are from Altenew.


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