House Of AnLi

久しぶりに会うお友達(日本に1ヶ月いたので、どなたとも久しぶりなのですが)と、タングリンモールのおしゃれな雑貨屋さん併設のカフェ「House Of AnLi」でランチをご一緒しました。早めのスタートだったのですが、今日も朝から雷雨になっていて、数年前ならタクシーが捕まらないお天気でした。なんだか急に雨が多くて、雨季のような数日です。涼しいのを通り越して、カフェの中は暑がりのわたしでさえ寒かった。そんな雨でしたし、ランチタイムより早めの11時ごろに行ったので空いているかと思いきや、駐在の奥様たち(ほとんど西洋人)でいっぱいで、声を張り上げないとお互いの声が聞こえないくらいでした。人気ですね。

I had lunch with a friend at “House Of AnLi” in Tanglin Mall; it’s a very nice looking cafe behind a lovely shop run by the same people.  I hadn’t see her for a little while, but then I haven’t seen anybody here for a little while as I was away.  It’s been strange weather, raining and thundering a lot lately, like the rainy season.  Inside the cafe it was actually cold!  I expected the cafe to be quiet today, partly because of the weather and partly because we went there earlier than normal lunch time, but it was very busy, and we had to shout to each other because of the voices from other tables.  It’s very popular.



I decided to have Tomato & Parma Ham Tartine and my friend had a zucchini quiche.  The tartine tasted very nice but the bread is so tough, I thought my knife might break.  The knife looks sturdy but is actually very bendy.  I like their salad dressing but the salad leaves were not crisp, they were warm and soft and didn’t have good texture.  I think it was more crisp when I had a salad here before.  I wish they soaked salad leaves in cold water before dressing.  They tasted good, though.




The portion is very small for a lunch for a grown up, it is too small for me anyway, so I had some Canelé (3 mini ones is one portion) with hot honey lemon ginger tea as it was very cold.  The canelé tasted good but the texture wasn’t how they should be, very very soft.  They are supposed to be crunchy outside.  I should bake them myself…






There was so much to catch up, we didn’t stop talking for 2 hours – to be continued when we meet next time.






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