Sausage & Caramelised Onion Bunwich / P.S.Cafe At Martin Road

いつもは土曜日は夫が夕食を作ってくれるので夕食の買い物をする必要があるので、買い物に便利が良いところでランチをして買い物して戻って来るのですが、今日は夜外食なのでいつも行かないところでランチしよう、ということになり、Common Man Coffee Roaster というカフェに行ってみたのですが満席で、たくさん人が並んでいたのでお隣にあった P.S.Cafe に入りました。

Usually, my husband cooks dinner on Saturday, so our routine is to have lunch at a place, where it’s convenient for food shopping afterwards, but we are going out tonight so we didn’t have to do any shopping.  We thought we should go somewhere we don’t often have time to go to so we went to “Common Man Coffee Roaster” in Martin Road, but it was very full and there were quite a few people queueing.  So we decided to go to P.S.Cafe across the road instead of queueing up.

これまでメニューで見たことがなかった、ソーセージを挟んだ「Sausage & Caramelised Onion Bunwich」というのにしてみました。バンズのサンドイッチでバンウィッチ、なのでしょう。夫はソーセージとベーコンと目玉焼きのバンウィッチ。ソーセージにタイムが入っていてもう少しタイムが控えてあればもっと好みですが、バンズもおいしくソーセージも美味しかったです!バーガーっぽいのでフライドポテトがほしくなるね、といいながら食べました。

I had “Sausage & Caramelised Onion Bunwich” – I guess it’s a sandwich made with a bun.  My husband had Sausage, Bacon & Egg Bunwich.  The sausage had a lot of thyme so if you don’t like strong thyme flavour these aren’t the ones for you. I would have liked it with a bit less thyme myself but it was still very nice and I liked the bun.  I guess because it felt like eating a burger, we both thought some french fries would have been great.

P.S.Cafe はお店によってメニューが多少違うのでこれがどのお店でも食べられるのかどうかはわからないのですが、ここはマーティンロードのお店です。

P.S.Cafe has different menus in its different branches so I don’t know if these are on the menu at all the other P.S.Cafes.


It wasn’t very busy but even so it seemed to take forever for the orders to come.  We weren’t too much in a hurry fortunately but it would have been a problem if we were more rushed.







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