Tapioca Tea (Bobo Tea) Ice Cream


Tapioca Tea, Bubble Tea or Bobo tea – Chinese tea with large black tapioca flavoured with dark sugar – has been very popular in Asia.  I don’t know if it still is but we had it when we were in Taiwan with my sister and brother.  I do like the texture of the tapioca.  (I don’t like milk so I had them in Jasmin tea.)  There are some places that serve them in Singapore but I haven’t had a chance to have it, it seems like a lot of trouble just to have tea to go to one.  I also have some of those black tapioca that my sister sent to me, I really should try to use them!

昨日、ご一緒したお友達がタピオカがお好きで一時期よくバブルティーを飲んでらっしゃったのですが、最近 ION に出来たという Heytea というお店のタピオカをのせてくれるアイスが美味しいと情報をいただきました。オーチャードの人混みは出来るだけ避けていますが、今日はちょっと時間もあったので、ランチの後夫と行ってみました。そうしたら長蛇の列で、夫は「No Way!」と並ぶ気なし。わたしも普段は並んでまではと思うのですが、一人でわざわざ行くことはないですし、テイクアウトだからすぐに進むし、せっかく来たのだから並ぼうよ〜と並びました(笑)。(土曜日の午後だったので長蛇の列でしたが、平日はあまり並んでいないそうです。)

Anyway, the friend I had lunch with yesterday used to have this bubble tea often as she loves these large black tapioca and she told me that she found Bobo ice cream from Heytea, which opened in ION relatively recently.  Although we try to avoid Orchard because we don’t like the crowds of people, we had a little extra time today so my husband and I went there after lunch.  There was a long queue.  As soon as we saw the queue, my husband said “No way!” and was going to leave the place, but I stopped him and told him that the queue should move fast enough as it’s only take away and we queued.  It did move quite quickly but the system was a bit hard to understand inside and it looked quite chaotic.  We did get ice cream, though.  (There was a long queue because it was a Saturday afternoon but I’m told there isn’t a long queue during the week.)


They had 3 kinds of ice cream.  The one my friend loves is Bobo Tea Ice Cream and that’s what I ordered but she told me the ice cream tasted like roasted tea and my husband isn’t a big fan of roasted tea so he ordered Mango Ice Cream, a big mistake!  Mango Ice Cream still had this tea ice cream but topped with mango.  We eat mango all the time so this wasn’t interesting at all.



I did love the Bobo Tea Ice Cream, though.  I just love the texture of the tapioca.  The I

Ice cream is also very nice and light, not too creamy for me.  It has a little syrup made of dark sugar.  The only thing is that you should eat slowly – because you get brain freeze!


2 Orchard Turn
#B4-29 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801

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