“Art Lounge” At Park Hotel In Tokyo


I’ve blogged about all the meals in Tokyo except one.  On Thursday  (my second day),  I met a friend early in the evening at “Art Lounge” in The Park Hotel’s lounge.  As I was at a friend’s earlier that day for lunch, I thought I probably couldn’t eat a big meal so we decided to go here and have something light and drink some wine.


We met at 5.30pm so it was far too early to eat, so we just had a glass of wine and chatted until we felt hungry enough.  We both ordered their mini burger set.  One of the 3 mini burgers was some sort of seafood burger and they kindly told me I can choose 1 of the other 2 and have 2 of that one.  I asked for an ordinary burger rather than the other one, which was stewed beef in red wine.  The stewed beef was a little too heavy for me so I was glad I had the other one.


Although they were mini burgers, they were bigger than we thought.  I think 3 of these makes 1 normal size quite easily.  There were a lot of fried potatoes, of which I had just a few.





I find most cafe and bars at lounges of hotels are a little noisy and not somewhere I would choose to have a good catch up with a friend, but this place was very quiet, sophisticated and also fashionable.  It was a good choice to catch up with a friend.  Most customers seemed western people.


I met this friend on a couple of other occasions but both occasions together with quite a few other friends, so it was lovely to be just two of us and have a proper chat.  I think we left the hotel around 11.00pm so we were chatting for longer than 5 hours!


This is all about my stay in Tokyo, I literally had no time to do any shopping, all my time was spent meeting my friends.  I still have a couple of things I’d like to write about – one is the Ryokan (Japanese Inn) my husband and I stayed at and the other is the hotel in Fukuyama we stayed at and the meals we had there.


Art Lounge
Park Hotel Tokyo
1-chome 7-1, Media Tower Front 25F
Minato City
Tokyo 105-7227


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