Cinnamon Coffee Cake

東京のお料理教室「vege vege vegeで習ったシナモンコーヒーケーキを焼きました!お菓子を焼くのはすご〜く久しぶりです。もともとベイキングは苦手分野。お友達のケーキ教室に通っていた時は時々焼いていたのですが、いらっしゃらなくなってからはすっかり焼かなくなりました。お料理はしなくてはいけないですが、ケーキは焼かない方が健康的には(特にわたくしのような体型だと。。。苦笑)良いですしね〜、あれば食べてしまいすし。と、そんなわけで、多分何年振りかで焼きました。お教室では先生が焼いてくださっていたのをいただいたので、デモも実習もなかったので少し心配でした、焼けて良かった!

I baked the “Cinnamon Coffee Cake” that I learned at the “vege vege vege” cooking class in Tokyo.  It’s been a long time since I baked anything last – I’m not very good at baking.  I did bake some things when I was taking a baking class run by a friend in Singapore but since she left I ‘ve done very little of it.  I sort of have to cook to be able to eat, but baking isn’t very good for me as I would eat it if I bake something.  Anyway, it’s been quite a few years since I baked any cake.  At the class the teacher baked it on the day before, so there was no actual baking together or any demonstration and we just ate it.  Thankfully, my attempt turned out well.


As our tea time was being delayed I had no time to “style” the cake for the photos.  I’ll try next time.




My husband and I had 2 “petals” each, the cake is quite small so nearly a half is gone/


I wanted to buy the tin for baking this in before I left Japan so I was sort of in a hurry to find one online and didn’t check properly.  The cake tin I got is a little smaller (16cm diameter) than the one the teacher used (18cm).  Oh dear…  After asking the teacher for her advice, I decided to use the smaller tin. I probably shouldn’t have used all the batter, as the bottom (the top when it’s being baked) expanded and the middle part was very high, so the cake doesn’t sit flat properly when put the right way up.  Also as that made the cake quite a lot thicker, it wasn’t cooked in the middle when the time was up and I had to put it back for an extra 10 minutes.  Still the end result was very good.  It is much darker than the teacher’s (because of extra baking time obviously) but I actually enjoyed the crispy texture and also the flavour.





You are supposed to let it cool, then let it get cold in the fridge before you cut it, but it was baked just around the time for tea today, so we decided to have it when it was still warm – we like warm cake anyway.  The filling is a mixture of raisins, cocoa powder, granulated sugar and cinnamon powder, so it has very nice cinnamon aroma.  Naturally, as it was still warm, it didn’t cut as cleanly as it would have but we really enjoyed the fluffy and nutty flavour.  We’ll enjoy it cold as we are supposed to tomorrow.



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