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今日は、お友達がカード作りに来られました。こんなのを作りたいと見せてくださったのは、Laurel Burchというアーティストの印刷カード。うちにはそんなスタンプはないので(サイトを見てみるとスタンプも販売されています、可愛い!)、ご自分で絵を描いて水彩で塗られました。見本のカードは濃い色で塗ったものの印刷(クレヨン?色鉛筆?)で、今日は水彩で塗られたので雰囲気は変わりますが、とても可愛く仕上がりました。ご本人もとても気に入っておられる様子。お家に飾られるそうです。

It’s been strange weather in Singapore, like a rainy season.  It started rumbling again this afternoon.

A friend came to make a card today.  She showed me a photo of a card saying she wanted to make something similar and it was a card of an artist Laurel Burch.  I don’t have her stamps (it looks like she does sell stamps of her design, very cute) there is no other way than just drawing and painting herself as there is no such stamp, so that’s what she did.  The original card was a print-out of the artist’s painting with strong colours – with crayon or colour pencil?  – but she coloured it with watercolour so it gives quite different impression but still very artsy.  She seemed to love it, too.  She says she isn’t going to send it to anyone, she will keep it and display it somewhere at home.





I did make some components for cards but not yet made into finished cards.




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