Stir-Fried Mince Pork With Basil (Thai)


The 10 days holiday (“Golden Week”) started in Japan on Saturday.  Some people are very happy about it and some not so, I think those who usually cannot take a long holiday are happy, my sister seems to be enjoying the long holiday very much.


I hear it had gone very cold again in Japan, it’s only still in April so it doesn’t shock me.  When I was still in Japan, I saw and heard someone on TV saying it will not get cold again and we can take our winter clothes to dry cleaning.  I remember thinking, “Are you sure you can say that?”  I certainly wouldn’t tell the world that!  I remember I had an evening when it was so cold I was wishing I had a winter coat in Japan in May some years ago.


Now, today’s dinner was Thai, Stir-fried Mince Pork With Basil served with rice and fried egg.  It’s one of the dishes I tend to cook often but I had a feeling I hadn’t cooked it for a while, my blog tells me it’s been 3 months since the last time I cooked it.  There are quite a few seasonings that go in, so mixing the seasonings seems extra work – but it only takes a minute – but the rest is so easy.  Just a few ingredients and takes only 15 minutes to cook.  The spicyness was just right and we enjoyed it very much.











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