Bruschetta, Salad & New Japanese Bakery


Today’s dinner was Bruschetta with Tomatoes and Chicken, avocado & mango salad, then a little bit of cheese with bread.

というのは、お友達が最近オープンしたベーカリーFine Dining Bakery By Akira Mのパンを買ってきてくださったので、そのパンを今日いただきたかったのです。わたしは知らなかったのですが、ロブションやBENIにおられた方がオープンされたベーカリーで、ずいぶん人気のパン屋さんのようです。今流行りの生食用のふわふわ食パンや数種類のバゲットなど色々あり、今日買って来てくださったのは「赤ワインに合うバゲット」だそうです。少しサワドーっぽいむっちりした生地の細めのバゲットでした。赤ワインの煮込みなどと良いかもと思いますが、数日お肉を食べていたので今日は軽めな夕食にしたかったので、パンそのものを使ったブルスケッタと、チキン、アボカド、マンゴー、ミント、コリアンダー、アーモンドのサラダ。

One of the friends who came to make cards today gave me a baguette she bought at “Fine Dining Bakery By Akira M”, which is a new bakery run by a Japanese who has worked at Robuchon and also BENI in Singapore.  I hadn’t heard of it until this friend told me about it, but it seems like a very popular bakery already, it opened only last month.  The baguette my friend gave me was supposed to be “for red wine”.  It was a little sourdough-like, very firm bread.  It would have been good with something like Beef In Red Wine, but we’ve had quite a lot of meat in the last few days and I wanted to have something lighter.  So, I decided to use the bread itself for the starter and made Bruschetta.  The salad has chicken, avocado, mango, mint, coriander & almond slices.






I used chicken slices I froze a little while ago when I made Radicchio salad that one of my Tokyo friends taught me. For that I needed only a small amount of chicken but I cooked 2 chicken breasts and froze what I didn’t use.  Chicken was marinaded in garlic, lemon juice & olive oil, then cooked outside in a frying pan then in the oven.  It didn’t seem to me that it had deteriorated in the freezer and was very good.



We usually don’t have cheese during the week, but since we had the fresh bread, we had a little of that with cheese and red wine after the meal.  This bakery has bread like baguette for white wine, sourdough for meat etc, looks very interesting and I would like to go there soon.

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