Home Picnic

今日の夕食は、昨日の前菜用に買ったハムやサラミやオリーブ、食後用に買ったチーズなどあれこれ残っているので、お家ピクニックになりました。テレビの前のコーヒーテーブルでチーズやハムとパンを食べるのを「お家ピクニック」と呼んでいて、普段は食事中につけないテレビをつけてイギリスのドラマを見ながらいただきます。「Fine Dining Bakery」でそのつもりでパンも買っていました。

Today’s dinner was what we call “Home Picnic” or “Picnic At Home”.  We have quite a lot of the last night’s starter left – like salami, ham, cheese, olives etc – so we wanted to use most of it.  We put them on the coffee table in front of the TV and watch a British drama while we have this.  We never put TV on during a meal except for when we have “home picnic” so it seems fun.  We bought some bread at “Fine Dining Bakery” with this in mind.



赤ワイン用バゲット、Magic Of The Moon プレーンとくるみ入り。Magic Of The Moon が一番好みかな。

Baguette for red wine and both plain and with walnut of Magic Of The Moon.  I think my favourite is plain Magic Of The Moon.



We had bread, cheese & ham for last night’s starter, today’s lunch (I was going to have egg sandwich but it was sold out) and tonight, 3 meals in a row.  I’d better cook something else tomorrow!

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