Nara Thai – Lunch With Friends

シンガポールを留守にされることが多いので頻繁には会えませんが2、3ヶ月に1度くらいの頻度で集まるお友達お2人とランチをご一緒してきました。このメンバーでは火鍋が多いので、そうじゃないところは久しぶりな気がします。今回は、タイ料理になりました。お友達が調べてくださり、ION にある「Nara Thai」に行ってみました、初めてのお店ですがずいぶん前からあるようです。カフェっぽい感じのレストランでした。

I had lunch with a couple of friends that I see once in 2 or 3 months, they are often out of Singapore so it’s not easy to get together.  We often go to Steamboat but this time we went to a Thai restaurant “Nara Thai” in ION.  This was my first time but it has been there for a long time, it’s quite a casual restaurant.


We had Mince Pork Laab (Salad), Papaya Salad, Green Curry with Beef & Stir-fried Morning Glory plus 1 rice per person.  It was generally mild and sweet rather than very spicy but taste and quality were good, the only thing was the beef in the curry was very tough.  Now that I know their standard is mild, I would ask them to make it spicy if I go back.







Each of us had Perrier or Thai Milk Tea and the bill was a little less than S$30, very reasonable.  I didn’t think we were there for long but by the time we left the restaurant it was after 3.00pm.

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  1. Hunida says:

    I love Thai food! The portions at the restaurants where I live are so much bigger!

    1. Noodle says:

      In general, the portions in Japan is much smaller whatever the cuisine. Some of my western friends comment things like they were shocked I eat so much but they don’t seem to understand that we share each dish and the portions are small so actually we each don’t eat that much.

      Oops! Sorry, this was in Singapore! The portions here were bigger than in Japan, but not too big.

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