Mystery Chicken

今日の夕食は、最近買った「Like Like Kitchen」という料理本から何品か作ってみました。昔からブログのファンだった方の料理本で、お料理教室で教えておられるお料理の本のようです。

I cooked a few things from a new cookery book “Like Like Kitchen” (Japanese).  I used to red the writer’s blog many years ago, and we used to comment on each other’s blog posts now and again.  She now runs cooking classes and this is a book of recipes from her classes.


The main dish is called “Mystery Chicken” because people cannot tell what is in the sauce.  It’s chicken thigh covered with curry flavour sauce, baked in the oven.  I made a mixture of my own curry powder but followed the rest of the recipe.  I didn’t have burdock so I used just bacon and onion for the pilau.  The side dishes are Carrot Salad (I made a little change to the recipe) and Cauliflower, Barley & Radicchio Salad (I didn’t have barley so I used Farro from Italy instead).


(I found the battery for my camera empty so had to use iPhone to take the photos).





I cooked the “mystery chicken” for a little longer than in the recipe and did check if the juice was clear – and I thought it was – but when I cut into one of thee pieces it still had a small red part so I microwaved them just for a minute and a half and it was all good then.  I should bake it 5 minutes longer next time.  It was very good, both my husband and I liked it very much.  However, the sauce is quite heavy so we couldn’t finish it all – there is just about the right amount left for my husband’s lunch tomorrow.  Younger people would have finished it, I’m sure.  I think if I changed the sour cream to yoghurt it would be lighter but maybe it becomes more like Indian and maybe it looses something.  The sauce has strong flavour so I think we could have it with plain rice instead of the pilau.


I always feel uncomfortable and a little intimidated to try a new recipe but am glad it came out well.  It’s quite an easy one and the salads can keep for a few days so it might be a good one to cook for a gathering with friends.

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