White Asparagus & Steak (Sous Vide)

今日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、低温調理器を使って調理したステーキでした。ステーキは、いつものように Huber’s で買ったのですが、今日はUSリブアイの脂がいつもにも増して多く入っていて食べるところが半分くらいのようだったので、US サーロインにしてみました。マァマァ、かなという感じ、夫は美味しいと食べていましたが、わたしは硬めなのはそう嫌ではないのですが、少しドライすぎる気がします。ソースは、マッシュルームと赤ワインのソース。付け合わせは、ポテトのドーフィノアとブロッコリー。

Today’s dinner my husband cooked was steak using Sous Vide (Anova).  We bought the steak in Huber’s as always but decided to buy US Sirloin instead of US rib eye like we usually do because their rib eye today had so much fat.  I would say the sirloin was OK but I still prefer rib eye.  I don’t mind it being tough so much but I found it too dry.  My husband enjoyed it more than I did.  We bought too much, though.  It didn’t look so big when the butcher cut the steaks for us, but we should have got only 1 slice, we both left about a half each, I guess we can make steak sandwich or a salad.  The sauce was mushroom & red wine sauce, side dishes were Potato Dauphinoise and broccoli.


We also had white asparagus (air-flown from Germany) as a starter, we bought them for the first time this year.  We have a feeling we missed the timing last year and didn’t buy them then.  As they are one of very few seasonal vegetables we would like to have them a few times before the season finishes.  (We do have them in restaurants often, but not at home.)









The peonies are mostly gone now, yesterday we found a lot of the petals were on the table.  It lasted less than 3 days…


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  1. Ellie HS says:

    The way you set the table is lovely! I always enjoy the broccoli with a bit of mushroom

    1. Noodle says:

      Thank you!

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