Playing With Watercolour

Emma Lefebvreさんのこのビデオを見ながら久しぶりに水彩画を描いてみました。一応デルフィニューム風のお花っぽいものを描いたのですが、本来下の方のお花を大きく上に行くほど小さくしなくてはいけないのに反対に頭でっかちになってしまいました。水彩絵の具の滲んだ様子は気に入っています。

It’s been a long time since I used watercolour brushes properly, but I tried today after watching this video of Emma Lefebvre.  It’s supposed to be a sort of delphinium.  I do like the way how the colours bled with each other, but I wish I was able to control it more and made larger flowers on the bottom and smaller ones higher up.


I do know that I cannot improve my skill unless I practice a lot but the watercolour paper is so expensive and I finish one in a few minutes, I can probably go through the whole paper pad in less than an hour quite easily.  I do use less expensive paper and both sides for practice but good quality paper absorbs water much more and the way the colours bleed is so different from less expensive paper, I feel using less expensive paper doesn’t always help me paint better on high quality paper.  So, I haven’t been practicing so much…


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