Hot Salad / Chorizo, Potato,& Poached Egg On A Bed Of Romain Lettuce With Hot Balsamic Vinegar


Tonight’s dinner was Chorizo, potato, onion & poached egg hot salad on the bed of Romain lettuce.  This is something I started making in Hong Kong because it was easy to get good chorizo – unfortunately the chorizo I get here isn’t as good for this type of dish.  Recently I started adding red/yellow pepper.



I used to sautee everything but now I roast them in the oven, it’s just easier this way, but I do sautee chorizo on low eat in a frying pan so you can get chorizo flavoured oil – but not easy because the chorizo I get there isn’t very fatty.  I then sautee garlic, sautee a little then add good sweet balsamic vinegar and pour this over the rest.


I like the contrast between cold crisp lettuce and hot potato, chorizo etc and poached eggs go so well with the rest.  I have been trying to make the presentation better but it’s not easy to make this look good because of the colour of the oil from chorizo & balsamic vinegar.





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