The Last Flower Class At Carpo

しばらくお引越しでレッスンをお休みされていた Carpo のレッスンが再開しました。リノベーションが延びて予定されていたより再開が遅れて、もしかするともうレッスンを受けられないかもと思っていたのですが、ギリギリで受けることが出来ました。いつもわたしが作ってくる花束をとても楽しみにしている夫なのですが、明日から数日出張でいません、とっても残念!でも、今日の夜、見てもらえます。


Carpo hasn’t been giving flower lessons for a while because the teacher was moving and has been having her new home renovated, the renovation has been going on much longer than scheduled but she just re-started her class. I had almost given up taking it before we move but I was able to take this one last class. My husband always looks forward to these bouquets so much, but unfortunately he is away from tomorrow for a few days – but at least he can enjoy it today.

The flowers/foliage used today were hydrangeas, pokewood berries & eucalyptus and orchid. (I don’t know the name of the very fine grass.) I love pokewood berries, I wonder if you can get them in England, too. I’ve been trying to find some stylish flower shops near where we’ll be living but I haven’t found one yet…


This photo was taken at night at dinner, I’ll try to take better photos tomorrow.


Thank you to Carpo for the beautiful bouquet lessons!

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