Cheese Fondue


My husband is back from Shanghai. When he started going to China 33 years ago, it was such a hard work just to be there but things changed a lot since. Having said that I’ve been to only Shanghai so I don’t know it personally, I’ve just heard what it was like from my husband. He was there to say goodbye to his company people.


I’ve finished going through our stuff more or less, just a few things are left (like marking which furniture to take, which furniture to dispose and also some print-outs of recipes etc that I don’t have to do now but I will if I have time). It’s a public holiday this coming Monday so the packers will be here on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Then we are going to Bali for 5 nights for a short break before my husband goes back to work for a week. This means we’ll have to pack our suitcases for Bali and also for the coming weeks in England before the packers come.



Although I have done only a few hours a day in the beginning, I did work on it for many hours in the last few days and I haven’t slept well so I’ve started to feel a little tired. I’m looking forward to doing nothing much in Bali soon!

My husband still has some to do this weekend as I cannot go through his personal stuff. The only thing I was able to help him with was shredding huge amount of documents that he was keeping for 3 years. Our shredder isn’t a bad size but it’s not industrial and gets overheated after about 10 minutes, so I had to keep giving it a rest. I found stacks of bank related documents, tax documents etc from Japan days. There was probably about a 60cm stack of documents in total to shred – I finished it last night. Phew.


Now, today’s dinner (late dinner) was Cheese Fondue that my husband loves. The last cheese fondue in this hot weather! I’m looking forward to having it in England in winter. Cheese fondue isn’t something you eat being hot and sweaty!


As always we had it with potato, carrot, salami, San Daniel ham, cornichon and a large salad.

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