Il Cielo (Hilton Orchard)

今日は、お友達とランチをご一緒しました。お花のクラスでお知り合いになり、何度かランチをご一緒したりカードを作りに来ていただいたり。最後にもう一度ランディを、ということでオーチャードのヒルトンホテルの「Il Cielo」に行きました。何度か伺っていますが、久しぶり。

I had lunch with a friend who I got to know at a flower class. We’ve had a few lunches and a few card making sessions since we met about a year ago. We went to Il Cielo at the Hilton Hotel in Orchard for our last lunch together. I’ve been there a few times but it’s been a while since the last time.


Bread wasn’t great. Very dry. I haven’t been to many restaurants that serve good bread in Singapore to be honest.


I didn’t take a photo but my friend had Tuna Tartar for a starter. I had Burrata cheese, Parma ham & tomato salad. A lot of salad leaves are stuffed under the cheese. There were some olives as well. I think the cheese was about the right amount but there was so much ham. Parma ham was very nice but there was so much of it that I wasn’t able to finish, it’s too salty to eat on its own to me.


Again I didn’t take a photo but my friend had pasta with Sea Urchin, which lots of Japanese seem to love.


I chose Carbonara with salsiccia. Everyone likes different doneness of pasta, I like it when it still has a little texture but no hard chalky middle. This one was too floppy for me. Salsiccia wasn’t too gamy and tasted good but unfortunately, the whole dish was so salty I had to leave the salsiccia. I just fished the pasta out because the sauce was very salty, too, and I wasn’t able to finish it. It was a shame. I have to say I was surprised because the chef is Japanese and they don’t usually over-salt their food.


For dessert, my friend had Mango Panna Cotta (I think). It’s a version of the chef, quite different from classic one. Cute presentation.


I was very full so I just had Strawberry Gelato.


Sad that it’s only been a year since we met and I’m leaving. A year goes so fast.


Including sparkling water and tea it was about S$57 per person. Their portion is very generous and inexpensive, I guess that’s why it’s very popular. Most of other tables were occupied by Japanese, though…

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