Last Night’s Dinner At Amandari (Tapas Night)


Yesterday’s dinner at Amandari was ‘Andalusia Tapas Night’. The Chef here is half American and half Spanish, he lived in Spain from about 8 years old for a while. He even brought in rice from Spain for this event.

First we had a cocktail (mocktail for me) in the bar listening to the live Spanish music.



We then moved to the restaurant.


They served us free flow Sangria. The first tapas was cured meat and Manchego cheese.


Gazpacho. We did enjoy it but we thought we would have enjoyed more if it were colder. The chef is a half Spanish so I would imagine he knows what it should be like, so maybe it’s served at near room temperature in Spain?


Meatballs with Moorish spices. I didn’t think it tasted a lot of spices.


Croquet with Iberico ham. We weren’t sure if there was any ham inside, if there was it was very small and very little. My husband loves bechamel croquet so he enjoyed this.

ローストパプリカ入りポテトのスパニッシュオムレツ。パプリカはほんのすこしで塩分も余りなく、余り美味しくはなかったです。もう1品はツナの煮込みでしたが、ポテトに変えてくださいました。ローストしたポテトにスパイシーなソース、美味しかったです。Spanish omelette with potatoes and roasted pepper. There was very little roasted pepper so it was mostly potatoes, which needed more seasoning. The other dish was tuna but they kindly changed to roasted potatoes with spicy sauce. The roasted potatoes were very nice.


The Main was seafood paella but they made a chicken version for us. The chicken was the most ‘chickeny’ one I’ve ever tried I think. I guess it’s one of those old chickens running around and making noise all day here. I wasn’t able to eat it but I did eat some rice, which was flavored with saffron. The seasoning was just right.


The dessert was strangely shaped churros. I think it’s nicer if it’s thicker but it was tasty.

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