Renouf – Wine Bar In Lyndhurst

今日の夕食は、Lyndhurst の町のワインバー Renouf に行ってみました。何度も前を通っていていつも賑わっているようで気になっていました。

For dinner tonight, we tried Renouf in town. We’ve seen it many times and it always looks busy, so we wanted to try it.


We shared a board of things like olives, hummus, cheese, cured ham etc and ordered a set of 3 wines ( wine flight) each – different sets. Their system is that you choose 3 cheeses and 3 hams for this board and we chose Blue Vinny, Brie de Meaux and Comte for the cheeses, and Chorizo, Serrano Ham and Bresaola for the cured meats. You also get bread and cheese biscuits. It was all very good, we enjoyed it very much. We shared a small bottle of sparkling water and the bill was £48.

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