Getting Together With Friends / Sussex Ox, Lewes


We had lunch with a couple friends who have been friends of my husband since University time and also their mutual friend (that I hadn’t met before). I’d met the couple friends a few times, spent a few days together in Marrakech 4 years ago. They have been very supportive and told us they’ll support us so we don’t need to worry about anything about moving to the UK, which meant a lot to us.

ランチの場所は、7月に家探しに来た時にもご一緒したパブ、「Sussex Ox」。お友達ご夫婦と家とのだいたい中間くらいの場所にあります。我が家からは1時間弱。Lewes という素敵な街の近く。街をゆっくり歩きたかったのですが、今回は時間がなかったので是非近いうちに行ってみたいです。イギリスにはこういうこじんまりとした、昔からの街並みが残る街がたくさんあります。

We had lunch at “Sussex Ox”, which is very near Lewis. We had lunch there with this couple friends when we were in England for our house hunting back in the summer. Lewes is a lovely little town and I’d love to mooch around there, but we didn’t have time today. Hope we can visit it again soon properly. There are so many lovely towns like this, where the old streets haven’t been messed up.

The pub isn’t in a place you would just happen to pass by.



My husband had Beef & Mushroom pie. I tend to avoid meat dishes until I know the place in general because I’m very fussy with meat, I cannot eat it if it is at all gamy. I tried a little of his pie and it was very nice, so was the mashed potato. I’ll order this next time!


2 of the others had Beef Burger. I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of the other person’s lunch and I cannot remember what it was.


I chose Leek & Gruyere tart from the starter menu and added a side order of a salad and some bread. It was very good – though small as it was supposed to be a starter.


For dessert, one of them had cheese cake, my husband and I shared a peacan tart with Christmas pudding ice cream. The other 2 had just Cappuccino.


We all had beer or wine or something to drink. The bill was 24 pound per person.


The food was good and we had a very nice afternoon. The service was very slow but it was very busy being just before Christmas, so I guess it couldn’t be helped.

Sussex Ox
Milton Street
Polegate BN26 5RL

Tel: 01323 870840

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