Butlers Restaurant


Yesterday was Friday and we would normally have gone out for dinner but we had a big lunch so we had something light at home. So today, we decided to go out, but we don’t know restaurants around here yet, and with Christmas so close we expected it to be hard to find somewhere good that had a free table at such short notice. We called Butlers, where we’d been once before, and were told they have a table from 6.00pm until 8.00pm. 6.00pm is too early really but we took it anyway.


The last time when we were there I found their food too salty so this time I asked them to go easy with the salt. The waitress told us that the risotto that I chose was already done halfway through, so she wasn’t sure if that was possible, but would ask the chef not to add any more salt when finishing it.


We both chose “Ham Hock Croquette” for our starters. I thought that a “croquette” would be something like what you get as tapas – potato and ham mixed together, rolled then bread crumbed and deep-fried – but it was quite different, it was slices of ham breaded and deep-fried. Naturally the ham is very salty so it was too salty for me, I managed to have just one piece of the two.


For mains my husband had Sea Bass and I had the same as the last time – Pumpkin & Parmesan Cheese Risotto.


I guess the chef didn’t use any Parmesan cheese because I’d asked them to reduce the salt – and I appreciate that – but sadly Risotto without Parmesan cheese isn’t so great. Also there were no pumpkin seeds on top like I had last time – I asked them about this and the answer was they use them when they have them but not when they don’t and they didn’t have any today (they aren’t mentioned on the menu, so I guess that is OK). So no pumpkin seeds and no Parmesan cheese… it wasn’t salty, that’s for sure.


We both chose Apple & Quince Crumble for dessert.


1 small bottle of sparkling water, one glass of wine each and the bill was 81 pounds including the tip.

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