Uppark House & Garden

今日は特に予定がなく、お天気も久しぶりに良い予報だったので、家から車で30分くらいのところにあるUppark House & Gardenというナショナルトラストまで行ってみました。出かけるときは良いお天気だったのですが、その後雲が出て来て一時期小雨も降ったりでしたが、昨日のような大雨でなくてよかったです。

As we didn’t have any appointment today, and the weather was forecasted to be good,we went to a National Trust place, “Uppark House & Garden”, which is about 30 minutes by car from our house. When we left home it was beautiful weather but it got cloudy quite quickly and even rained just a little. Still, at least it wasn’t chucking it down like yesterday.


As Christmas is near, there were many Christmas trees around the house and inside. Apparently, we were supposed to be in 1750 and were invited to a Christmas party by the Lady Sarah. They were displaying mannequins (?) wearing amazing clothes made with paper by an artist.

帰りに少し今日の夕食に必要なものなど Petersfield のスーパーで買い物をして、戻りました。


We did some food shopping in a supermarket in Petersfield on our way home.

We often have our 4.00pm tea at the dining table in this house but when it’s cold like today we have it on the sofa in the living room with the fire on. It’s lovely warm and cozy in the living room. The trouble is that it makes me sleepy and I end up having a nap after tea!

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