Yesterday’s dinner was Pot-Au-Feu that I cooked for 3 days. On the 1st day, I dry-marinaded shin of beef with salt, sugar & pepper. On the 2nd day I slowly cooked it with vegetables and on the 3rd day I cooked even longer.


We bought the shin of beef at a Butcher in a Farm Shop but it smelled so so strongly like animal! Like living animal! I was nearly sure that I wouldn’t be able to eat it, I didn’t think I could even have the soup I made from it. However, I was completely wrong, it wasn’t gamy at all once it was cooked and the soup was delicious. Vegetables I used were onion, leak, cabbage, carrot & potato.


The soup was really delicious but I didn’t like the beef so much, it just seemed very stringy even though it was cooked forever (I think I cooked about 6 hours because it didn’t feel tender whenever I tested it and eventually I had to give up). I don’t know why. Is it just the type of the meat? I also made too much like I often do. The writer of the blog I often read to get some idea on recipes makes it into Borscht on the following day and I bought beats thinking I would do the same, but my husband and I really don’t enjoy eating the same thing twice and it just seemed too similar. (We can have the same sandwich many days but not a proper meal.) In the end we froze the leftovers, even though I don’t in general like to freezer this sort of vegetables – I’ll make it into something one day.


Incidentally, we did find Frankfurter in Waitrose finally. However, it has strange look and strange texture, sort of blobby… I didn’t enjoy it. I really like Japanese sausages, that have crisp skin and juicy insides. I do like normal English sausages, too, but they wouldn’t work in this dish. Maybe it’s better not to use any sausages at all.

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