Left-Over Lunch


It’s a “Stay Home Day”.  Looks gloomy outside but I enjoyed watching little birds and a squirrel in our garden for a while.


I thought the left-over pasta probably isn’t so nice cold because of Creme Fresh so I put it in a gratin dish, sprinkled on some Panko & pizza cheese and put it in the oven for 20 minutes or so and it was actually very good.  Only 1 slice of sausage was left, though.  Next time we’ll try to keep more sausages.  So far, we only had 2 meals from Hello Fresh, but their portions seem to be on the large side, probably enough for 3 small eaters.


These sausages were not usual English sausages, they were more like Frankfurter type, but still raw so not usual Frankfurtera.  I wonder what they were and where we could get such sausages.



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