Little Birdies In Our Garden

餌をつっつく小鳥のビデオがちょこっとだけ撮れたので。今の所、餌を取りにくるのはこの2種類、Great Tit (大山雀、だそうです、以前 Blue Tit と書きましたが、違ってました)とロビン。お庭には他にも(多分)雀、イギリスでよく見かけるブラックバードやマグパイや来て欲しくない鳩も来ます。もう1種類、大きめの茶色い鳥も見かけましたが、多分ブラックバードの雌?

Here is a very short video of a few birds getting their feeds. So far I’ve seen 2 kinds of birds getting the seeds – great tit (I think I wrote blue tit but I was wrong) and robin.  I think we also see a lot of sparrows (though not sure if they are), blackbirds, magpies, and unwelcome pigeons.  We also saw a brown one that is about the same size as the blackbirds, which are are, I’m guessing, female black birds.


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