Ginger Beef Noodles

今日のディナーは、Hello Fresh のGinger Beef Noodles (with Green Beans and Red Pepper)」(インゲンと赤パプリカ入りビーフヌードルの生姜風味)でした。材料は、いんげん、赤パプリカ、ライム、生姜、ニンニク、シャンツァイ、ビーフミンチ、ケチャップ・マニス、醤油、エッグヌードル。

調味料は、ライム、生姜、ニンニク、ケチャップ・マニス、醤油。Hello Fresh のアジア風炒め物に多いパターン。ケチャップ・マニス(インドネシアの甘いお醤油)が甘いので美味しく感じやすいのでよく使われているのだと思います、洋風料理のときの乳製品のような役割かもしれません。これもなかなか美味しかったです。乾麺のエッグヌードルの食感が結構良かったですし、味付けもまずまず。もう少し生姜とニンニクを効かせて、チリでスパイシーにするともっと好みですが、これはこれで美味しいと思いました。

Today’s dinner was Hello Fresh’s Ginger Beef Noodles (with Green Beans and Red Pepper).  The ingredients are green beans, red pepper, lime, ginger, garlic, coriander leaves, mince beef, ketjap manis, soy sauce, and egg noodles.  They seem to use ketjap manis (Sweet Indonesian soy sauce) very often for Asian stir-fry dishes, I guess it’s like dairy for western food, it adds sweetness that appeals to lots of people.  The noodles had very nice texture and the seasoning seemed very good, it tasted good.  I would add a little more ginger and garlic and perhaps a little chilli to make it a little spicy (but I understand not everyone likes it spicy).  We enjoyed it.





We cannot often have dessert but today’s dinner was on the light side so we shared a sticky toffee pudding from Waitrose that my husband bought a little while ago, it’s one of those that you just microwave for a short time.  We used to get sticky toffee pudding from M&S now and again in Hong Kong, I think they were nicer, we’ll have to try again.


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