Thai Red Chicken Curry

今日のディナーは、Hello Fresh の「Thai Red Chicken Curry with Baby Corn, Green Beans and Jasmine Rice)」(ベビーコーンとインゲン入り、タイ風レッドチキンカレー、ジャスミンライスと)。ご飯を炊く時間を覗くと15分ほどで出来上がってしまうとても簡単なカレーでした。殆んどから辛くないので、チリを入れれば良かったね、と言いながら食べましたが、味は美味しかったです。わたしたちは、ミニトマトも加えました。赤が入ると美味しそうですし、火が通ったトマトの食感や味も好きなので。

Today’s dinner was Hello Fresh’s “Thai Red Chicken Curry with Baby Corn, Green Beans and Jasmine Rice”.  As always I added much less water for cooking the rice than in the recipe.  This is really a quick one, if you don’t count the time to cook the rice, it probably takes only about 15 minutes.  It’s not spicy at all – we would have liked it spicy – but it tasted very good.  We added a few mini tomatoes, which add colour but also the texture and extra flavour.


Spiciness is hard to guess but the recipe doesn’t say “spicy” so we should have added some chilli, we should try to remember to check that.  The photo on the recipe shows that the sauce is quite red but in reality it is almost white, more red curry paste would have been good, I think.  Also it has a lot of coconut milk.  In Thailand I find that the curries don’t usually taste so strongly of coconut milk and tend to be more spicy.  Outside Thailand I find them too coconut milky – but I think it appeals to the majority of people.



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