Pots Of Tulips


When my husband’s brother and his wife came over before Christmas, they brought a couple of large pots of tulip bulbs planted for house warming presents and they’ve been sitting on either side of our front door.  I’ve been checking them often and found some shoots yesterday.  The soil never seems to dry out so I’m finding it hard to know when to water, so I was a little worried I might have been over-watering them, so I’m happy they came out.  However, we are going to be away for a month from this coming Monday, I don’t know what to do with them.  I don’t feel comfortable but we probably have to ask one of our neighbours to water them now and again.  I wonder if we moved them to where it gets rain, maybe it doesn’t need any watering in this weather.  We’ll be very sad if they bloom and finish before we come back!  Hope that won’t happen.


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