Hungry Guest Cafe (Petworth)

今日はお友達ご夫婦とペットワース(Petworth)にあるナショナルトラスト Petworth House で待ち合わせて一緒に中を見て周りました。それについては後ほど写真をアップしますが、今イギリスは学校のハーフタームでお休みなので人が多く、中のカフェは満席。幸い途中で出てまた入っても大丈夫で街まで歩いてすぐだったので、先日夫と2人で行った街中の、Hungry Guest というカフェでランチをすることにしました。

We met our friends at Petworth House and walked in the house and the grounds (I’ll blog the photos later), but their cafe was full as it’s a half term here, so we went out of the house, went in the town (you are allowed to go out then go back and the town centre was very near the back door) and had lunch at “Hungry Guest” cafe where my husband and I had been last week.


My husband had Welsh Rarebit with Sunny Side Up (called “Buck Rarebit”), I had Club Sandwich, my friend had Welsh Rarebit, her husband had Avocado Toast with Smoked Salmon.  My club sandwich was very large and I wasn’t able to finish it but it was good.  My friend said the Welsh Rarebit was very good.  In many placew they serve cheese on toast as Walsh Rarebit but apparently here it is a real Welsh Rarebit.


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