Lunch At M&B Arundel

今日は義弟夫婦がチチェスター に用があったので、午後から一緒に過ごすことに。Arundel をぶらっと歩いてランチ、という予定でしたが、今日も雨。今は少し陽が差していますが、お昼ごろはそこそこの雨が降っていて、風も強く、ブラブラ歩きというお天気ではなく残念。ランチをして、Pallent Of Arundel (食材屋さん)でお買い物をして戻ってきて、家でお茶をしました。

My brother-in-law and his wife was going to be in Chichester this evening so we planned to spend the afternoon together.  We were going to walk in Arundel and have lunch but it was raining agian today.  Although it got brighter later in the day, when we were there it was raining properly and it was also windy, not the best for walking in town, so we basically had just lunch at “Motte & Bailey” and a quick shopping in Pallent Of Arundel, then had tea at home.

ランチは、なんども行っている Motte & Bailey というカフェで。わたしはBLTのトースティー、夫と義妹はエッグ・ベネディクト、義弟は目玉焼きとハムとチップス(ポテトフライ)。

I had BLT toasty, my husband and my sister-in-law had Egg Benedict, my brother-in-law had Ham, Egg & Chips.




雨の Arundel。イギリスはこういうお天気とわかってはいますが、この冬は特にひどいと周りから聞きます、そろそろもう少し晴れてください。

Wet Arundel.  I know that English weather is like this, but I hear this winter is specially bad.  Please give us some more sunny days.



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