Simple Supper & Delicious Mini Tomatoes


We were going out in the evening so we had an early supper.  When we stayed with our friends last week, we took some cheese for the dinner and quite a lot was left.  They didn’t want to keep all of it so we brought a half back with us and wanted to finish it up, so we had it with Parma ham, Pork pie (just my husband), salami etc.





トマトは、Marks & Spencers の「On the vine Santini Tomatoes」という枝つきの小さな楕円形のトマト。これが、唸るほど美味しかったです!これまで色々試してみていて、大きめのトマトはどれも美味しくないので枝つきの小さなのを買っていますが、こんなに美味しいのは初めて。これは、日本の美味しいトマト並みに美味しい!

We had these Marks & Spencers “On the vine Santini Tomatoes”, they are absolutely delicious!  So sweet!  We’ve tried quite a few different kinds of tomatoes here, larger ones aren’t very nice so we’ve been buying smaller ones on the vine and they are generally OK, but these ones are totally different.  As delicious as any delicious ones in Japan.


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