Play In The Village Hall

今日は、村のVillage Hall でご近所の方も参加されているというミステリーのお芝居があったので、行ってきました。小さな村のホールでのお芝居。田舎なので、お年寄りがほとんど。って、自分たちもその仲間なのでした(笑)。

There was a murder mystery play in the village hall tonight, so we went to see it.   As it’s in the countryside, most people who live here are elderly – well, so are we but we forget that.




It was raining during the day and not very cold, but the temperature had dropped and it had turned into quite a cold night. The sky was full of stars.  There aren’t many street lights in this village so you can see a lot of stars when the weather is clear.

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