Carluccio’s (Chichester) (& Renovation Update)



A decorator came today to paint the walls and the wardrobe doors in the master bedroom.  There is some more to do so she’ll be back tomorrow.  Somehow I was thinking of a guy as a decorator but it’s a lady, who looks very fashionable.  Yesterday, she came over to prepare the room but she said to us, “I know it’s not my business but I love your taste!”, which made us feel good.  This is our house so it doesn’t need to be anybody else’s taste but ours, but we’ve never done this before and what we are doing is very different from any of our friends’ or our families’ places, so we are not so confident (well, I’m not, I don’t know about my husband) so we were pleased to have received some encouragement.

今日の夕食は、金曜日なので外食。チチェスター にある「Carluccio’s」に行きました。Carluccioさんは有名シェフで少し前に亡くなりましたが、全国に沢山の支店があって、他では何度か行っています。どこも同じメニューのようで、これまでのところ好印象。

As it’s Friday we went out for dinner.  We tried “Carluccio’s” in Chichester.  There are many branches all over the UK and we’ve been to a few, their menu seems to be the same all over.  So far, our impression is good.

前菜は、夫はカプレーゼ(バジル、少なすぎ!トマトが美味しくなかったらしいです)、わたしは、アランチーニ(もう少しお塩が少なければもっと美味しかった)、メインは夫はラザニア(写真ぼけぼけ)、わたしはプッタネスカのベジタリアンバージョン(ソースが多すぎたけれど、美味しかったです)。写真がボケすぎていてアップできませんが、デザートにSfogliatella (何度聞いても覚えられないのですが、三角形っぽい形の沢山層になったペイストリーで中にリコッタチーズが詰めてある、オレンジピールが入っていて甘すぎずカリカリで美味しかったです)をシェアー(小さいのが2つ)。ワイン2杯、ガス入りのお水1本、食後のコーヒー2杯、チップを入れて約62ポンド(9000円)でした。

For the starter, my husband had Caprese (stingy with basil, tomato wasn’t good), I had Arancini (too salty but other than that they were good).  For the mains, my husband had Lasagne (the photo was very out of focus), and I had Vegetarian Puttanesca (too much sauce, but it was good).  The photo of it was totally blurred so I’m not blogging it but we shared Sfogliatella (I cannot remember this name, but they are triangle shaped layered pastry with ricotta filling, it had some orange peel in it, not too sweet and very nice).  We also had 2 glasses of wine, a bottle of sparkling water, and 2 cups of coffee. The bill was 62 pounds including the tip.



このレストランは、わたしたちの中ではシンガポールの Jamie’s Italian の位置付けですが、Jamie’s Italian より少し美味しいかな、と思います。パスタの茹で方などは、いつも丁度良い加減ですし、基本に忠実なイタリアンと言う気がします。

To us, Carluccio’s has a similar position to Jamie’s Italian, but we feel Carluccio’s is a little better than Jamie’s.  The pasta has always been cooked right and most of their food seems more authentic.


2 East Gate Square
Chichester PO19 1ED

Tel: 01243 527412

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