Blenheim Palace

金曜日の朝、お友達ご夫婦はお家に向かわれ、わたしたちは「Blenheim Palace」に向かいました。Blenheim Palace はWoodstock という街にありますが、この街もわたしたちにとって思い出の場所。32年前の9月に神戸で結婚しましたが、その翌年の5月(だったかな?)に Woodstock のホテルでイギリス側の家族や親しいお友達とのパーティーをし、翌朝みんなで Blenheim Palace までお散歩をしました。懐かしい。30年以上前のこととは思えません。

On Friday morning, our friends left for home and we headed to Blenheim Palace, which is in Woodstock, a special place for us because we had a wedding party there with our families and close friends.  We got married 32 years ago in Kobe and had a wedding and wedding party with our families and friends in Japan (my husband’s brother and his wife from England and my Swiss friend also came, but mostly the Japanese side) in Kobe, and then has a second wedding party in England about six months later.  We invited everyone to stay at the same hotel in Woodstock and went for a walk to Blenheim Palace after breakfast on the morning after the party.  It’s hard to believe that it was 32 years ago!  Since then, we have visited Woodstock many times.


Woodstock in rain.


ウィンドスクリーンの雨で肝心のサインが見えませんが、The Bear というこのホテルに滞在してパーティーをしました。

You cannot see the sign because of the rain on the front glass of the car but this hotel, ‘The Bear’, is where we stayed and had our wedding party.





木曜日は良いお天気でしたが、金曜日は写真でもわかるようにほぼ1日冷たい雨が降り続きました。そんなお天気のせいか、コロナウィルスのせいか、Blenheim Palaceもとても空いていました。

We had lovely weather on Thursday, but it was cold and rainy on Friday for most of the day.  I don’t know if it was to do with the weather or the Coronavirus, but the place didn’t have that many people.


Blenheim Palace は、イギリス王族以外が所有する唯一の宮殿で、1987年には世界文化遺産にも登録されています。17年かけて1722年に完成した、バロック様式の建物で、部屋数は200以上。元チャーチル首相が産まれたところとしても知られていて、チャーチル資料展も催されていました。ツアーに参加すればきっとたくさんの興味深い話を聞けると思いますし、オーディオツアーも用意されていますが、中途半端な時間に着いたのであまり時間をかけたくなく、サクッと周りました。

Blenheim Palace is the only non-royal, non-religious country house in England to hold the title of Palace. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. It was built between 1705 and 1722 in English Baroque style. It is notable as the birthplace and ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchil. If you join a tour I’m sure you hear a lot of interesting stories, or you can also use their audio tour, but it would have taken a long time, we arrived around 11.30am and didn’t want to take long so we just walked around ourselves. 01Mar20Palace4 ホールの天井。 The ceiling in the hall. 01Mar20Palace501Mar20Palace601Mar20Palace701Mar20Palace801Mar20Palace901Mar20Palace1001Mar20Palace1101Mar20Palace12


The interior of the rooms are gorgeous and luxurious and a few of the rooms were set for you to be able to imagine the luxurious parties they had in the 1920’s.











I loved the library.







The garden is also well-known but the weather was just too awful to be able to walk in the grounds.


ランチは、Orangery という素敵なレストランもありましたが、ランチにはヘビーすぎるメニューだったのでセルフサービスのカフェで、わたしはスープ、夫はサンドイッチ。スープはローズマリーの風味が強すぎて半分くらいしか頂けず。(美味しくなかったので、写真もなし。)

They had a very nice restaurant, ‘The Orangery’, but the menu looked too much for lunch so we went to the self-service cafe.  I had soup and my husband had a sandwich, but the soup had too much rosemary, much too strong for me, so I couldn’t eat half of it.  (No photos.)

Blenheim Palace の帰り、途中で小さなデリ・カフェでブログのアップをしましたが、ランチが物たらなかったので、スコッチエッグをオーダー。これまた、塩味が強くて余り食べれず(涙)。夫は、何か甘いものとカプチーノ。

We stopped at a deli/cafe so I can do my blog on our way back to the cottage.  I had a scotch egg as I was still hungry but it was too salty for me (boo hoo).  My husband had something sweet with Cappucino.





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