Japanese Sweets


More things we bought in London. Some Japanese sweets from a well-known Japanese Sweet Shop Kicchoan. There is a brunch in Singapore as well but I don’t think I ever bought any there as it is very expensive. Japanese sweets are very expensive in Japan but even more so outside Japan. I guess I wanted them more because we cannot get any where we live – although it looks like we can buy some online. Also my husband often says he wants some Japanese sweets with sweet beans. I did warn him it was going to be very expensive in advance but he was still shocked with the prices.


As we are travelling we didn’t buy anything that has very short shelf lives except Daifukumochi and Chestnut sweets (that we had today), we chose one of the more reasonable ones that have a shelf life of about 10 days. It happened to be the 3rd March, which is the girl’s day in Japan so they had Sakuramochi but we would have had to eat it on the day so we didn’t get them.


The things that are with the box of Japanese sweets are tea we also bought from a tea shop “JING”. We bought a Taiwanese Oolong tea, Japanese high quality Matcha and Japanese Gyokuro green tea. We enjoyed the Japanese sweets with Gyokuro at tea time today.

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