West Quay Pizza Express


My blog is finally up-to-date! I feel uncomfortable when I’m behind.

先程書いたように、今日も朝からずっと雨。鬱陶しい一日中でした。このお天気ではどこかに出かける気にならず、車で20分ほどのところの West Quay というショッピングモールに行くことに。

As I’ve already written it’s been another miserable rainy day today so we didn’t feel like going anywhere much and decided to go to West Quay to do some shopping.

あまり良く知らないモールで、レストランが集まっているフロアに行きましたが、ファーストフードっぽいものばかりだったので、一番ましそうな Pizza Express に入りました。グリーン野菜のカルゾーネとミックスサラダをシェア。カルゾーネは結構美味しかったです。お会計は、約27ポンド(

We aren’t familiar with this mall and we ended up being on the floor of mostly fast food places, so we went into Pizza Express, which seemed the least bad. We shared Green Vegetable Calzone and a Mixed Salad. The Calzone was actually very nice. The bill was about £27.


We then went in a few shops, bought a few clothes and came back around 4.00pm.

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