Light Supper




This time we went to London in our own car and parked it in a parking lot near the hotel. I was able to enjoy shopping more, knowing that extra luggage wasn’t going to be a problem. We left London after lunch and got to the cottage in New Forest around 3.00pm. We stayed in this cottage for the first time for about a month after arriving in England so everything is familiar and we feel very comfortable here.

We were going to go out for dinner yesterday but it was raining all day and we didn’t feel like going out, and we’d been eating out every day for a while as well, so we decided to buy ham, salami, cheese, bread and have a light meal in the cottage. Even though it’s not far to walk to the town where there are quite a few places to eat, it’s not fun to walk in the rain and the dark. Having said that it’s raining again today so I suppose we’ll walk in the dark and rain tonight anyway. It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow.

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