Renouf – Wine Bar In Lyndhurst


We had dinner at a wine bar “Renouf” in the town of Lyndhurst today.  When we first stayed at this cottage, we tried the place and had a very good impression so wanted to go back this time.  We had ham, salami & cheese with bread last night at the cottage so it was very similar food, but the salami and ham that you get in a supermarket isn’t full of flavour in genera as they are sold already sliced, so this sort of restaurant serve better quality of them.  Besides, we don’t mind having this sort of meal often.

今回も前回と同じUltimate というオリーブやフムスやチーズやハム、サラミ類などのボードをシェ(2人分となっています)。チーズとハム類はそれぞれ3つずつ選ぶというシステムで、今日はチーズは Isle Of Wight ブルーチーズ、Eveというゴートチーズ、コンテを選び、ハム類はセラノハム、ナポリ風サラミ、コッパを選びました。

Like the last time, we ordered a board for 2 called “Ultimate”, which includes 3 cheese, 3 ham/salami as well as things like olives, hummous, tomato, pate etc.  For cheeses we chose Isle of Wight Blue, Eve (goat cheese) and Comte, and for ham/salami we chose Serano ham, Salami Napoli and Coppa.





Again, like the last time, we ordered a set of 3 wines (wine flight) each – different sets, one is the least expensive set and the other a little more expensive set.  We also ordered another glass of wine (larger glass) later.  You also get bread and cheese biscuits.  We enjoyed everything.





The bill was about 50 pounds (7,000 yen).  Much cheaper than Singapore.  The portions of the set of 3 wine is small but the board has enough food, so I would say it would have been more than double in Singapore.  It’s about the same as the lunch at Din Tai Fung – I must say Din Tai Fung seems very expensive in comparison to this meal.  (I do understand why and I’m OK about it, though.)

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