To Paris On Eurostar


In the current situation with Corona virus I don’t feel completely comfortable with travelling to Europe, but everything for our trip is booked, and we won’t get any refunds if we cancel and we cannot get back into our house for a couple of more weeks with the renovations still going on, so we decided to go ahead with our plan.

コテージから車で2時間の Ebbsfleet というユーロスターの駅の駐車場に車を残して、ユーロスターでパリまで。

We drove to Ebbsfleet station and took the Eurostar to Paris.


We arrived at Ebbsfleet station 2 hours before departure. You never know how long it takes when you drive as there can be an accident or something on the road, so we feel we need to be very early. We knew we would get a meal in the train, and it was a bit too early for lunch, but we had so much time to kill we had a sandwich in M&S at the station.




The gate opened about an hour before the departure time. We went through the security and the passport control.






Lunch on Eurostar. Incidentally, there were 2 Japanese ladies in the seats in front of us.


Not particularly good views once in France, just fields.


After 2 hours, we were in Paris.


A hotel car picked us up and in about 15 minutes we were at the hotel. Paris was wet after rain. (It rained again later.). The forecast says it’ll be sunny tomorrow.

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