Lunch At Le Scossa


I had a shop I wanted to look at in the 16th Arrondisement and we decided to walk there as the weather was supposed to be good. However, annoyingly it started to rain rather heavily and with a tiny umbrella between my husband and I we were getting soaked. We were going to just choose a lunch place there as there are many restaurants around but I totally forgot to check the closing days and we found out that many of them close on Sunday and Monday mornings. In the end we just went in a place that was convenient.


「Le Scossa」というお店に入りました。

We went in a cafe “Le Scossa”.



Bread basket.


My husband had Burrata cheese, wih tomatoes and basil.


I had a vegetable Poke bowl. On a bed of quinoa there were many vegetables – green beans, fava beans, cucumber, pickled red cabbage, salted cabbage, beets, broccoli, lettuce and peanuts. The dressing tasted Chinese sort of flavour with sesame oil. It was OK but I got tired of it quite quickly and left probably about 3/4, it was a huge amount to start with and not so interesting. I filled myself up with the bread. At least bread is good in Paris!



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