The Marais


It was a very grey day today. Although it sprinkled with a tiny bit of rain for a few minutes, it didn’t get worse so it was a good day to walk. We felt it was warmer that it has been – it went up to 14C. A thick sweater and a one layer cashmere coat without any scarf kept me warm enough, sometimes too warm. It is already the 10th March, it’s time to start getting warm I suppose. Magnolia are blooming in Paris. Since we moved to England it has been cold all the time, never above 10C, even though this winter has been very mild. We left our house on the 24th February and since then somehow time has sort of stopped in our mind and we’ve just realised it is nearly spring.


Many many years ago, it could have been when we were still in Japan, at least 15 or 16 years ago, we came to Paris for quite a few days. During that trip we walked in the Marais with a book about Paris written by Hideko Kogure. We remember walking in the street with repair shops of oil paintings and musical instruments like violins, as well as seeing some ladies in colourful African clothes, and we wanted to go back there. Sadly we weren’t able to find the same streets. I don’t know if those shops are gone or we just didn’t get there. My guess is that we just didn’t get there as the area is quite large. The area we did walk had a lot of fashionable shops. When we were moving from Singapore last year I remember very well spending quite a long time trying to decide if I should keep this particular book or not and in the end I let go of all the guidebooks. Now I’m wishing I’d kept it.


So we could not find the streets we wanted to but we still enjoyed our walk very much. We just walked around the area, going in some nice looking shops here and there. We didn’t go in but we also saw many old-fashioned looking (probably family run) little shops that we don’t see very much these days in England and we love those shops. We walked quite a lot again, 9,564 steps for me today.

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