Chilli Con Carne


The situation with Coronavirus is getting worse every minute and it doesn’t look like it’ll get better any time soon and we are all getting more and more worried and scared. I’m feeling scared for ourselves naturally as we aren’t young ourselves but also scared for and worried about my family in Japan, our friends specially older friends and those who have elder parents all over the world and our friends in Italy.


As it seems like a good idea to stay hom and eating in as much as we can for a while, we did do more food shopping. We haven’t come to the stage of having much store cupboard stuff yet at home and have even less here in the cottage so we bought a few spices and others tote cupboard stuff today as well as other food. Sainsberry’s was quite busy yesterday but Waitrose was quiet. The butcher in town told us that everyone is buying so much stock of all sorts of meat and he saw 2 grown up men fighting on the floor over the last pack of toilet rolls in a supermarket in town. It looked like there were enough things in supermarkets other than tin tomatoes we went to yesterday and today but maybe more people are stocking up everything after the new announcement from the government over Coronavirus.

Because we are under such stressful situations (rather than in spite of, I mean) we’d like to be more conscious of our behavior and try to behave decent and adult-like.


Today’s dinner was my husband’s favourite, Chilli Con Carne. I’m sure now that the chilli spice mix is different strength in spices from those we used to get in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore even though they are the same brand, not as spicy. We added cumins and more spice mix that I used to use and it was better this time. I used Basmati rice today and it was OK but we prefer Japanese rice for this because that’s what we always had. Still, we enjoyed it.

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