Sandwiches With Left-overs



The 4th day of the lockdown.  For us, our life hasn’t changed much since we came back from Paris, it’s been 17 days since then.

Today’s lunch was sandwiches with left-over fillings.  One was yesterday’s leftover chicken and Halloumi cheese, the other was carrot salad I made with left-over grated carrot from the day before.  I liked both of them but my husband preferred the chicken one much more.  We used the bread we baked with our bread baking machine.  We cannot find bread we really like in England very often and find the bread we bake is much nicer than any other bread we find.  We cannot find any cake flour but we do find strong flour now and again.







It was another beautiful day today and my husband was enjoying reading in the garden in the sun.  As a typical English person would, he always wanted to live in a detached house with a garden and I’m glad we do now specially for him as he is loving it.  Personally, I thought it maybe easier and more comfortable to live in a apartment like we’ve done all our married life because the maintenance is easier, but they don’t have that sort of apartment in England and if they do I don’t think we can afford it.  Anyway, in the current situation, I am very glad that we live in a detached house with a garden and I’m glad we live in the countryside rather than a big city.

I am spending hours in the afternoon unboxing and putting things away slowly.  Bringing boxes down from the first floor, unboxing by squatting, standing, carrying – my back started to hurt.  It looks like it’ll take quite a while but we have time, so I’ll try to do it slowly rather than going fast and having a bad back.


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