Pappardelle With Ragu


Today’s dinner was Pappardelle with Ragu sauce.  It hasn’t been that long since we moved to England and we didn’t want to stock a lot of food before the renovation so we don’t have that much store cupboard stuff.  We usually have a few different types of pasta in stock but not now.  We bought a bag of spaghettini a little while ago and used some so there is some of that and we have left-over penne but that’s about it, so we didn’t want to use pasta in case we really crave for it one day.  However, when we went to a farm shop yesterday we found some pasta and we were allowed to buy just 1 bag of pasta – and we bought Pappardella.  (We bought a different pasta in another deli after that.) We also bought some sausages, shin of beef and mince beef in a butcher, so we decided to make Ragu today.


I didn’t follow any recipes.  I sautéed a chopped onion with garlic, then added minced beef and sautéed it until browned before adding some red wine and reducing it.  I then added tins of tomatoes (again, we found them in a farm shop yesterday), a little water, salt & pepper, a bay leaf, 2 cloves (my Italian friend taught me this), a little bit of chilli flakes, a little sugar, then let it cook slowly for an hour or so.  It came out very tasty and we enjoyed it very much.  There is a half left so that is in the freezer for another meal.


We used candles for the first time since we moved to England.  As the dining room has my PC table and bits and pieces, I don’t feel like setting the table nicely to be honest.






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